Off-Payroll (IR35) Public Sector - Tax Reclaim

Claim back your overpaid tax

You may be able to claim if:

  • You were wrongly assessed as inside IR35 when you should be outside.
  • You've had Employers NI, Apprenticeship Levy or Pension deducted from your agreed contract rate.
  • You were forced to use an umbrella company rather than your own limited company.

If you have been wrongly assessed, had employment taxes deducted, or forced to use an umbrella company, then it's possible you are the victim of misrepresentation and have had unlawful deductions from your earnings.

You could reclaim thousands of pounds in overpaid tax.

How to make a claim - 2 simple steps

Step 1: - FREE telephone consultation

Our specialist tax expert will call you to explore whether you have a claim and its likelihood of success. It will be handy to have copies of email correspondence, your contract, copies of payslips and any other relevant information ready for this call.

Step 2: - Reclaim your money (From £399)

Once we have received your information, we will evaluate the exact value of your claim. We'll then work on your behalf and liaise with all relevant parties in the contractual chain, and HMRC to work towards reclaiming the money you are owed.

Optional support: - Legal assistance (From £399)

In the event of a dispute requiring legal intervention, our expert lawyer can assist you.

This includes up to 1 hour of legal consultancy and preparation of a formal advice letter containing a detailed appraisal of the law applied to the facts of your case. This can be used to either resolve the dispute without litigation or to provide a compelling legal argument for use in a court or tribunal.

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