Why use us?

Comprehensive protection with IR35 Testing

IR35 compliance needn’t be a burden. With IR35 Testing you can have an accurate assessment of your contractor’s IR35 status that’s underpinned by employment case law in just fifteen minutes.

Our comprehensive IR35 test is free-to-access, delivering an instant IR35 review result. Each contractor’s test answers are carefully analysed by Renoir, our AI-powered IR35 virtual lawyer, whose approach to determining IR35 status is modelled on that of a tribunal judge.

This enables Renoir to deliver accurate and consistent IR35 evaluations without bias or human error. A human expert would typically take 2-3 hours to deliver an assessment. Renoir can do so in under a second, and is available 24/7, meaning you can test thousands of contractors in a single day.

Our solution can also be used effectively in conjunction with legal expertise, which we actively promote by providing access to additional service providers. All these features make IR35 Testing the most comprehensive, accessible and effective IR35 compliance solution on the market.

Keeping you compliant

Agencies and hirers in the public sector must now ensure they accurately assess their contractors IR35 status. Otherwise they could face significant fines, penalties and interest for each contractor caught by the legislation, posing considerable risk. Private sector-based contractors also need to take measures to ensure they are compliant or they face the same financial penalties.

Our testing solution was developed by industry experts with extensive knowledge of employment case law and software development expertise. Our test reports offer comprehensive details proving due diligence has been conducted, and we even enable firms to mass test their contractors with our IR35 Audit offering, helping to assess and ensure compliance.

With IR35 Testing, you can rest assured that your risk of non-compliance is kept to an absolute minimum.

Keeping you competitive

Agencies and accountants both stand to benefit from IR35 Testing. In a buoyant market, agencies that can supply contractors compliantly will maintain a competitive edge.

With many contractors facing the distinct possibility of being forced onto an umbrella company’s payroll, accountants that can provide added value compliance services to agencies and contractors that need help with IR35 compliance.

Branding our solution as your own for free means you can gain this boost to your business whilst keeping admin to an absolute minimum.

Insure yourself against all risk

To eliminate risk, you can choose to take advantage of our partner insurers to underwrite tax risk based on the test result. This all-encompassing protection includes full cover against negative judgements and a rigorous tax defence to any HMRC investigation.

Demonstrate your due diligence

HMRC are unlikely to pursue cases unless there has been inadequate compliance. In addition to the free IR35 Review service, IR35 Testing provides access to legal help. Demonstrating due diligence should be enough to provide HMRC with the information required.

Business benefits:

  • Greater compliance and reduced liability risk
  • Significantly reduced workload for your back office
  • A competitive edge in the market

Contractor benefits:

  • An assessment of IR35 status
  • Greater certainty and peace of mind

How we compare with other services

A human expert would typically take 2-3 hours to deliver an assessment, charge hundreds of pounds, and may take up to 5 days turn around time. Our IR35 Reviews are FREE, evaluations take 15 minutes and we are available 24/7.

Our AI-powered IR35 virtual lawyer, Renoir, uses the same approach to determining IR35 status as a tribunal judge, delivering accurate and consistent IR35 evaluations without bias or human error.

Renoir was designed from the ground up, based on all the latest case law, and he accurately predicts the same results as the 21 historic IR35 court cases.

The testing system was originally built in 2009, and has undergone significant fine-tuning and refinement over the past 8 years to ensure it delivers accurate results.

Unlike HMRC’s CEST tool, IR35 Testing delivers the correct result for all IR35 court cases.

IR35 Testing HMRC CEST tool Manual assessments
Speed 15 minutes 15 minutes Up to 5 days
Pricing FREE result. £49.99 for detailed report and certificate. Free to get a result. No certification. Payment for result. Up to £275
Intelligence / AI Self learning virtual employment status lawyer Basic checklist approach Manual process
Court cases Gives same results as all 22 IR35 court cases Incorrect result for 8 out of 22 IR35 court cases N/A
Certainty Definitive result given for 98% of cases 25% of cases give "indeterminate" result Unknown
Approach Correct legal approach used - based on Hall vs Lorimer Omits fundamental areas of case law. Flawed approach. Varied inconsistent techniques. Prone to human error.
Longevity / Experience Refined by experts over 9 years. Used 100,000+ times. Built too quickly - Unfinished. Unreliable. Not trusted. Varied experience and qualifications