Off-Payroll (IR35) Public Sector - Tax Reclaim: Legal Assistance

Off-Payroll (IR35) Public Sector - Tax Reclaim: Legal Assistance

  • Were you wrongly assessed as inside IR35 when you should be outside IR35?
  • Have you had Employers NI, Apprenticeship Levy or Pension deducted from your agreed contract rate?
  • Were you forced to use an umbrella company rather than your own limited company?
  • You could reclaim thousands of pounds in overpaid tax.
excluding VAT
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NOTE: This product is intended for contractors who have already had a free pre-claim consultation and attempted a claim without resorting to employing legal measures. If you have not yet had the free consultation then please click here.

Following the reforms to IR35 affecting engagements with public authorities, some contractors are suffering unlawful deductions of Class 1 employer's National Insurance contributions, the Apprenticeship Levy, and Pension contributions from their agreed fees.

You are at risk if you are providing services to a public authority using a limited company or umbrella company, either directly or via a recruiter, have been informed that IR35 will apply, and told that you are responsible for paying these taxes from your agreed contract rate.

This abuse is causing significant financial loss to contractors and our cost-effective solution will provide you with a detailed legal appraisal of your rights and options with the aim of avoiding costly litigation.

Please note: As discussed during the free consultation there is no cast iron guarantee of success and you are choosing to proceed on the basis of the discussion you had with legal expert. This service is not providing legal representation, and is legal direction only Should you decide to proceed further to an employment tribunal or county court then further legal assistance can be provided on request and additional fees will be chargeable.


Problem understanding
Both the contract and correspondence with the recruiter are analysed by our legal expert to ascertain if the recruiter is at fault and the likely amount to be recovered. Includes up to 1 hour of legal consultancy in addition to preparation of the formal advice letter.
A plain English legal opinion
A detailed appraisal of the law applied to the facts of your case which can be used to either resolve the dispute without litigation or to provide a compelling legal argument for use in a court or tribunal.
Peace of mind
Don't feel cheated; understand your legal position and use it to recover fees owing to your business.