IR35 Shield: Your outsourced solution, enhancing IR35 compliance, reducing risk, workload and admin costs for agencies and accountants

  • Accountants: Offer our test FREE to your existing contractors as an added value service
  • Agencies: Perform IR35 reviews on all your contractors in a single day - for FREE.
  • Our partner solutions are branded as your own, including access to your own chosen service providers

Get your own branded solution with IR35 Shield today - it takes just five minutes to sign up.

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Why become an IR35 Testing partner?


  • Boost your business by helping to keep your contractor clients outside IR35
  • Gain a competitive edge by delivering added value services at no extra cost
  • Accurately bulk-assess thousands of contractors at a time using AI
  • Engage with service providers who can enhance your existing offerings
  • Offer greater peace of mind to your contractors


  • Test all your contractors IR35 status at no cost to you
  • Reduce the impact of the public sector IR35 rules on your business
  • Reduce your risk of tax liability by avoiding non-compliance
  • Minimise your back office compliance workload with our AI-powered solution
  • Demonstrate evidence of due diligence and compliant operations to HMRC

How does IR35 Shield benefit your contractors?

When you become an IR35 Testing partner, your contractors receive multiple additional benefits on top of saving tax. With IR35 Shield, your contractors:

  • Find out how to maintain, or change, their IR35 status through expert guidance
  • Achieve greater certainty and peace of mind over their tax position
  • Can gain further protection from IR35 by purchasing reports, insurance and other compliance services
  • Become more attractive to their clients, particularly in the public sector, because they demonstrate low IR35 risk

How the IR35 Testing partner programme works

  • Set up IR35 Shield

    Fill in your company details and have our solution branded to you
  • Engage your contractors

    Accurately test high volumes of your contractors with low admin and cost
  • Be IR35 compliant

    Benefit your business by verifying contracts for IR35 compliance