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Use our quick and free online test to analyse and check your IR35 status, and access key professional services to stay outside of IR35.

Developed by experts in both IR35 and employment law, this solution uses self-learning AI to reach a sound judgment on your IR35 status.

Access our network of established IR35 legal experts, consultants and insurance providers to steer clear of IR35.

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How does IR35 affect you?

Why IR35 matters

  • If caught, it will cost you thousands of pounds in extra tax
  • It’s based on extremely complex tax law that HMRC is aggressively enforcing
  • You must understand factors impacting IR35 status to ensure you never get caught by it

Why take this test?

  • It’s quick, easy, free and highly accurate
  • It’s developed by leading tax experts
  • It’s the most powerful and comprehensive online test available
  • Self-learning AI means the test identifies changes in responses over time and can adapt to the current state of knowledge
  • It’s been used by more than 100,000 contractors since 2009

What you’ll learn

  • Your IR35 status
  • Your level of IR35 risk
  • Whether you need to take action to pass IR35

What you will get

  • An upfront assessment of your IR35 status based on relevant case law
  • Option to buy either a pass bundle or a fail rescue package, featuring:
    • Comprehensive report detailing factors impacting your status
    • Certificate confirming your status (pass bundle only)
    • Added assurance through IR35 Repair and IR35 Protect offerings

How the testing works - our process

  • Register

    Enter basic personal details and sign up
  • Take test

    Take fifteen minutes to answer a questionnaire about the contract
  • Result

    Receive a test result that could save you thousands in tax
  • Report

    Buy report to prove to clients and HMRC that you are outside IR35

Get your IR35 status in writing

After passing the test, buy your unique IR35 report that demonstrates to your clients, insurers and HMRC that you are outside IR35. The report costs just £49.99 and will:

  • Indicate your evaluated IR35 status and level of risk
  • Explain the important factors impacting your IR35 status
  • Include a status certificate
  • Include an optional sign-off sheet for your client to confirm the accuracy of your answers, strengthening your defence against HMRC investigation

You will receive a full refund if a tax liability insurance provider disagrees with our evaluation.

When you register with us, you will also receive Beat IR35 – a comprehensive eBook published by ContractorCalculator in 2016. With this book:

  • Find out all you need to know about staying outside IR35
  • Receive critical tips on avoiding and beating an IR35 investigation

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